Spring Today, Winter Tomorrow

You’ll still want to keep a jacket on hand today, as it’s going to be a brisk spring day. Temps warm up to the mid to upper 40s, with mostly sunny skies this Thursday. It’s the pick of the week, with pretty tame winds out of the north, and the first substantial glimpse of sunshine we’ve seen in some time.


The nicest day of the workweek is going to be followed by the messiest day of the workweek. Our next storm system bring the chance for messy weather both Saturday & Sunday.

Snow moves into western MA Friday morning, and could affect the morning commute in Worcester County & western MA. By the mid to late morning we could see some moisture in metro Boston. Snow overspreads the metro into the afternoon, with a sloppy Friday evening commute on hand. For metro Boston (and areas especially south of the Mass. Pike), count on much of this snowfall melting upon contact with the roads. The heaviest snow will fall Friday night into Saturday morning north of the Mass. Pike and generally west of 128, especially NW of 495.

Saturday morning will bring mostly rain shower to metro Boston, and areas south of the Mass. Pike, while areas NW of the metro still see wet and heavy snowfall.

Winds will pick up Saturday with 25-45 mph gusts possible. There may also be some minor coastal flooding at the 3am/3pm high tide on Saturday.


Soak up some rays today!