St. Paddy’s Day Chill

At times this winter, it seemed like the snow and cold went on an extended vacation. Now as we approach Spring, it seems like the milder air has gone on an extended vacation. Sure, it’s just a matter of time before it comes back, but we need to have some patience.

Remarkably, March is running substantially colder than December, January and February. Although, with the past winter being one of the warmest on record, that’s an easier feat for March to do. We’re averaging for the month around 31 degrees, more typical of late January.

Ok, let’s talk about that forecast, shall we?

The next couple of days are rather quiet with light winds and temps in the upper 30s by afternoon and teens to near 20 at night. Today features sunshine and scattered clouds, while tomorrow features early sun to increasing clouds as onshore winds kick in.

The feature to watch for the second half of the weekend is the one that’s zipping through the Midwest today. As that energy dives to the southeast, a coastal storm develops off the mid-Atlantic coastline and south of Nantucket. While it won’t be the powerhouse the last nor’easter was with hurricane force winds at the coast, the wind will kick up Sunday, especially at the coast where gusts run 35-45mph (strongest Cape/Islands), and we certainly could get some snow to pivot back into Southern New England. The closer the storm, the more snow, the farther away it is, the numbers are lower. Bottom line, something to check back on, but the best chance for several inches of wet snow is across Southeast Mass. In that 2-4″ band, there may be some 6s show up near and south of Route 44.

Spring officially arrives on Monday and by Tuesday, it’ll feel like it’s just around the corner. Yes, we near 50 Tuesday, but it’s Mother Nature’s pump fake as cold air returns on Wednesday with temps back into the 30s along with a gusty wind.

Have a great day and stay warm and stay safe!

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