Blue skies back for more today and bringing warm temperatures along with it! Temperatures for most made it to the 60s, if not 70° this afternoon. We had an onshore breeze which kept the coast cooler and eventually those east winds pushed, and will push, the cooler air inland this evening. So if you’re heading out this evening, plan on a pretty sharp cool down as that ocean air takes over.

While a few of us hit 70° this afternoon, Boston did not, and we’re officially past due for that. Boston, on average, sees the first 70° day of the year on April 2nd. Now, we get that by averaging out all the first 70° days… sometimes it’s a lot earlier, other times it’s later. So being a week past that isn’t too extreme, but let’s hope we can add a check mark soon!

April has been a cool month so far in Boston. It’s our first below average month (so far) but we’re going to turn that around this week with plenty of mild and warm air ahead! The only real warm days we had were today and yesterday. April 1st and 2nd were less than one degree above average.

While the warm air sticks around this week and into the weekend, it will become more unsettled. Clouds and showers will move back in for the next few days but aside from Friday and more specifically Friday morning, none of these days are washouts.

Wednesday’s shower chance is a spotty and light shower in the afternoon and evening, not those several inch rain storms we’ve had of late. Thursday will feature a few more showers, but they’re still lighter and on-and-off, meaning there will be several dry hours on Thursday too. The wettest day is on Friday, mainly Friday morning. That’s when the rain will be heavy at times, but unlike those rainstorms that hung around all day, this one keeps on trucking so it only rains harder for a couple of hours, even drying out later in the day.

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