Last day of March 2017–good riddance to march this year! Three blasts of pure arctic air and today marks the 3rd time we’ve seen plowable (or will see) snow across southern New England. Like all the other storms this winter—going back to December–the biggest challenge with this storm is that rain snow line. That line (really a wobbly ribbon) will set up shop along the Mass Pike later this evening and then waver back & forth late tonight through early tomorrow morning. Locations north of this ribbon see a heavy, wet snow with a few sleet pellets while locations south see some evening snow & sleet but then heavy rain. From Boston through Wellesley and out toward Hopkinton will see a hodge-podge of snow, sleet & eventually rain. It is within this ribbon where I have less than ideal confidence for my snowfall forecast…lotta people live within that ribbon, JR……gulp, I know. That snowfall map is over in our Maps section on the website, but basically has around 3″ in metro Boston….less south of town and more north.

Some storm deets:
* Brunt of storm is Friday evening until 2pm Saturday.
* Poor travel likely late tonight through midday Saturday.
* Wind is of moderate concern along coast–gusting 25-35 mph Saturday, while farther south along coast-Cape, wind gusts between 40-50 mph likely
* The heavy, wet nature of the snow may lead to power disruption—greatest risk of this coincides with highest totals on the snowfall potential map. The snow will be tough to shovel, plow due to heavy nature of snow.
* Tides are astronomically high this weekend so the 3am/3:30pm high tide on Saturday may lead to some minor coastal flooding/beach erosion along South Shore/Cape.
* Rainfall forecast is also impressive with the storm….around 2″ of rain in Plymouth, Bristol, Barnstable counties.

The storm is a headache indeed but when it snows in April, it usually begins melting soon thereafter. Sunday offers a mix of sun & clouds with temps into the 40s while Monday sees a full day of strong April sunshine. Temps should reach the upper 40s & low 50s (46 out at Fenway for the Opener!)

More on the storm on TV this evening and again tomorrow. Safe travels–think spring!