#StormForce Starts Now

Sorry about that hour of sleep you lost, #grumpy.  At least we have longer days to look forward to!  It will be the “light at the end of the tunnel,” as we have more winter weather to get through first.  Sunshine was with us for Sunday (how apropos!) but it was very chilly once again.  However, despite highs in the 20s, Mr. Sunshine was still able to cook away a little bit of snow.  That’s thanks to the sun angle getting higher in the horizon, and therefore more powerful.  We will soon be able to feel the warmth… Or can you feel it now?  Can you feel it?!  #thinkingpositive  Tomorrow we start with sunshine, and we’ll have highs in the low 30s.  Monday is the “cold before the storm.”  Gives you a day to “catch up” with the beginning of Daylight Saving Time before we turn the page to Tuesday’s storm.

For Tuesday, plan on this:

  • The brunt of the storm is from 8am to 8pm with lots of snow (snowfall rates between 2-4″ per hour at times) and gusty NE wind.
  • Reduced visibility is a good likelihood, making travel impossible at times.
  • Strong NE wind component with damaging wind gusts a good likelihood, especially for the coastline, Cape and islands where gusts could get to 65mph.
  • Coastal concerns, as this storm arrives along with high astronomical tides.  We’ll be watching the Tuesday afternoon high tide (between 1-2pm for most) and to a lesser extent, the early morning Wednesday high tide (1:45am).  However, it appears the strongest winds don’t align with the high tides… Nevertheless, there is a Coastal Flood Watch posted for Tuesday afternoon (see below).
  • Significant snow.  This may be the doozy of this season (even though it’s already meteorological spring, snow tracking runs from July 1-June 30th the following year). The snowfall forecast is posted below as well.
  • There will likely be a time (in the afternoon/eve) when the Cape and islands get a “mix,” or even light rain.  That would mean more of a wet/heavy snow (sleet mixed in).  For the rest of us, temps are cold and we’re talking “fluff-factor” here.


Here are the graphics that coincide with the information you just read.  Of course the 7Weather Team has you covered from tonight through the storm.  We’ll “weather” it together.  – Breezy

Snowfall Potential:

Winter Storm Warning and Winter Storm Watch:

Blizzard Watch:  Remember, in order to call this storm a “blizzard,” we do have to reach “blizzard criteria.”  That is, blowing/drifting and/or falling snow coupled with winds of 35mph, which would reduce visibility to 1/4 or less for 3 consecutive hours or longer.  If there’s growing confidence that this will happen, the NWS will then upgrade this “watch” to a “warning.”

High Wind Warning: 

Travel Timeline:  As I mentioned on Twitter, you may get to where you’re going on Tuesday morning, but then you’ll likely find yourself stuck there.  #justsayin’

Coastal Flood Warning:  As I mentioned previously, watching the early afternoon high tide Tuesday, and two hours before and after the peak high tide time.  Minor to pockets of moderate coastal flooding possible.