Vacationer’s view Memorial Day weekend as the start of summer, meteorologists use June 1st as first day of summer and astronomers (as well as most folks) use June 20-22nd as the first day of summer. Summer officially gets under way (or got under way) at 6:34 this evening. This marks when the sun is directly over the Tropic Of Cancer (23.5 ° N), marking the Earth’s Axis is tilted at 23.5°.  The suns most direct rays bombard the northern hemisphere today and it also means locations north of the arctic circle have 24 hours of daylight. For us, it means 15 hours and 17 minutes of daylight and thanks to High Pressure, we’ll see every minute of it.

This area of High Pressure does begin to fade away late tonight which allows out next weather system–a cool front–to slide through New England. The timing of this front, early Tuesday morning means only a few isolated showers are likely. There could also be a few thunderstorms as well but at that time of day, it’s tough to get widespread thunderstorm activity along a cool front. This front also has other plans tomorrow afternoon—the ocean–so look for developing sunshine during the morning with mostly sunny skies for the afternoon. Oddly enough, this front’s cool air doesn’t arrive until midweek so plan on temps back into the 80s tomorrow afternoon. The risk of those morning showers (before 9am) means an increase in humidity but that mugginess fades away by afternoon.

The remainder of the week offers partly to mostly sunny skies for Wednesday and Friday with Thursday offering the chance of some more showers.

Enjoy your summer….fall is just 94 days away.