Summer Encore

Here’s a peek at sunrise/sunset times for today and the end of September….just a friendly reminder that we are indeed enjoying a fall forecast. Sunset tonight is now before 7PM! I think this comes as somewhat of a surprise given the fact that we’re looking at a forecasting featuring 80s through most of the week.

This morning is a chilly one if you’re outside of the metro, and you’ll probably want to add on a few extra layers this morning (as most of the Bay State is starting out in the 50s). We even have a few locations starting out in the mid-40s. For those lucky ducks, you’re looking at about a 35-to-40° temp swing today, as we warm up into the mid-80s!

Post-Tropical Cyclone Irma continues to fall apart, and is essentially a rainmaker at this point. While parts of SE US, as well as the Tennessee and Ohio Valleys could grab another 1-3″ today, New England doesn’t look to deal with soaking rain from Irma. Instead, we have the slight chance for a few showers Thursday, with the likely chance for rain on Friday. Rainfall totals for us should stay closer about 0.5-1.0″. We keep the slight chance for a spot shower into Saturday as well.

Meanwhile Hurricane Jose is dancing in circles well offshore in the Atlantic. This cat 1 storm looks to weaken to a Tropical Storm by tonight, and then strengthen again to a cat 1 Hurricane as it loops around clockwise and stays on it’s loopy track through the workweek. We’ll be keeping a close eye on Hurricane Jose into this weekend. While it looks to stay well offshore and doesn’t pose any immediate threat to the East Coast, we’ll be monitoring that this scenario verifies.


Hope you enjoy this gorgeous day!!