Summer Has Returned!

Ahhhhh…..we made it….summertime weather has indeed returned to New England…..unlike winter, it’s not always a forgone conclusion that summer will happen (2009 anyone?!). It took a little while but the city–and by “city” I mean Boston-Logan temp (the official placeholder of weather data for the city) reached 88 degrees around 4:40 this afternoon. Many others had similar temps this afternoon—felt great, yes?

Much the same for the remainder of the week as an early summer pattern is here and while that means more warmth is on tap–80s, there will be a sea breeze each of the next two afternoons. Due to this sea breeze, the “city” will not begin a streak of 80s degree days as temps along the coast will be in the 70s the next couple of afternoons. Tomorrow features partly to mostly sunny skies while Friday will start with clouds and then clear out by afternoon. Should be fine for any outdoor plans.

Memorial Day Weekend will start hot with most towns away from the ocean reaching 90. Closer to the coast/beaches a sea breeze will keep temps in the mid &  upper 70s…just about an ideal beach day! Saturday does look like the best of the 3 for the beaches as a cool front slips into New England early Sunday Morning. This front may pop off a few thunderstorms late Saturday evening but they should be gone by daybreak Sunday. Sunday and Memorial Day (as of this evening) look dry with a mix of clouds & sun…..if you have outdoor plans out in the Worcester Hills-Berkshires or up in Vermont, there will be the risk of a few showers on Sunday and Monday but coastal New England should be mostly sunny. Despite the sunshine at the beaches on Sunday-Monday, temps will be cool…..60s. Still way better than rain.