Summer in September Sans Soup

Summer-like days in September without the humidity (“soup”)?  Yes please!

We’ll do it again tomorrow with highs in the low to mid 80s.  The Cape and islands will top out in the 70s under a SW breeze.  Still, humidity is low again tomorrow and the sunshine is sticking around.

Into tomorrow afternoon clouds will be moving in.  This is ahead of the remnants of Irma.  Though, it’s important to note that what’s left of Irma (especially by the time it gets to us) is NOTHING compared to the storm it used to be.  The system has been weakening and fanning out wet weather all across the South today, and even up into the Ohio River Valley.  We’ll be getting some showers out of this too, but it’s not a lot of wet weather.  A spot shower is possible Thursday – but the day is mostly dry.  Friday will feature a few showers – but it will likely only amount to 0.25″ to maybe 0.50″.  It’s not a washout.  Humidity also gets a bump Thurs-Sat… it’s not overwhelming, but certainly muggier than the past few days.

The weekend looks dry – but more “seasonable.”  By that I mean – more akin to the average temps of the current season – so, “more like mid September.”  (No kidding, I’ve actually gotten emails that explained to me why the weather can’t be “seasonable,” because you can’t put salt, pepper and garlic on it.  True story.)

As for Hurricane Jose (Cat 1) out in the Atlantic – of course we’re keeping a close eye on it.  For the next few days though, the storm will just loop around itself out at sea and not threaten any land (located between Bermuda and the Bahamas).  Past Sunday – there’s no track on lock, but it does look most likely that it’s out to sea.  We’ll continue to keep you posted with any updates/developments.