Summer is Here

Yes, yes… I see you all on Twitter and Facebook with your “Game of Thrones” references tonight:  “Winter is coming…” I know, but I want to say that summer is HERE.  Tonight is my first night back with the forecast on 7News after a wonderful vacation to my #Idahome (if you haven’t heard, I’m a peppermint farmer from Idaho).  As always, I continued to follow the weather here in Boston while I was away – and I am well aware it was a wild week of weather for New England!  While I can’t claim responsibility for bringing the sunshine back with me, I can share the good news that this week is very summer-like… with hopefully no crazy summer-weather surprises.

Before we cover the forecast, I do want to mention the loud buzz that’s all around tonight about the “Northern Lights.”  Let me just say this:  Lower your expectations.  I hate to be the pessimist here, but as someone who visited Iceland this last spring and didn’t get any proof that the Aurora Borealis exists – I know what disappointment feels like (#stinks).  While we will have mostly clear to partly cloudy skies, it appears that solar activity is waning (not as active, petering out).  There’s still a chance to catch this incredible sight here in Massachusetts, but I’ll hand it to my friend Lloyd Christmas for this one…

With that said,  it’s still possible!!  Especially for N. New England (as long as cloud cover doesn’t get in the way), and you must be away from light pollution/city lights.  I do wish you the best of luck!  If you do catch a glimpse, send us your pics!

The heat is on this week, with 90° temps possible Wednesday-Friday… and along with the heat will come the humidity.  Along with both of those ingredients will also be a chance of showers and thunderstorms.  However, no day this week looks like a washout!  Plenty of great beach weather in store… or whatever your summah-time plans are.

Storms tomorrow stay well N & W of 495.  Tuesday it’s about a 30% chance of catching a spot shower/storm.  Wednesday, only about a 20% chance of an isolated shower/storm.  Thursday, we’re back up to 30-40% chance.  We’ll keep you posted every step of the way.  – Breezy