Summer Lovin

I realize that not everyone loves the heat and that it has been somewhat dry for the lawns and gardens but wow, what a stretch of weather we have had these past several weeks! Check out the 7-day forecast:

Full disclosure, I am tempted to end the blog here #micdrop….but alas, will continue…..High Pressure is essentially with us for the next several days as noted on this map

With High Pressure in that location, it is impossible to crank up the heat and humidity as the general airflow around the High is onshore (from the ocean). Once that High Pressure gets east of New England, then the heat and humidity will return. #Sunday…first just the heat but hot & humid weather by early next week. Great for the lakes, pools and beaches. Speaking of beaches, if you are heading out to your fav beach the next couple of days, the waves will be more impressive due to a hurricane well offshore. Hurricane Chris,

is well southeast of Nantucket but its ocean swells are beginning to reach our beaches this afternoon. The analogy/imagery is a person doing a cannonball into a swimming pool (those swells will eventually find their way to our beaches)



Here is how the beaches were affected today

Certainly a build-up of surf/waves as well as the risk of rip currents. More of the same both tomorrow and Friday. As the beach temps warm this weekend, the surf will subside.

Be safe, enjoy!