I don’t want to admit it, but by looking at the calendar I can feel summer coming to a close.  With just under two weeks left in the month of August (and Meteorological Summer) and friends/family already posting back-to-school photos on social media, and my cat seems to be shedding less… it just seems like it’s coming to an end!  WAIT a minute!  STAHP, BRI!  HOW dare I say such things, right?!  Well, even though the signs are there that fall is just around the corner, by looking at my forecast I do believe there’s more summer weather ahead of us to enjoy!

#DebbieDownerTime:  There is a flip-side to all of this gorgeous, sunny, dry weather:  We do desperately need the rain.  We’ve been harping on this since… well, since… Really we’ve been talking about the lack of precipitation since winter.  We need rain, but since there really isn’t anything we can do about that (besides pray, dance, cross your fingers), you don’t have to feel guilty about enjoying days like today!  Tomorrow is very similar to today, temperature-wise, but you will notice a big bump in the humidity.  Dewp’s today were in the 50s (for most), but tomorrow our dewp’s will be in the upper 60s.  This is going to “prime” our atmosphere for the arrival of showers and storms late tomorrow.  If you have outdoor plans for Sunday, don’t fret!  It still looks like a good day (albeit muggy).  There’s a slight chance for an isolated shower in the afternoon (20%), but the real action holds off until after midnight.  Some of us may be woken up by our thunder-buddy tomorrow, as some of the boomers could be strong during the overnight hours.  While we’ll take every drop of rain we can get, this again won’t be a drought-buster.  Most of us could pick up 0.2-0.5″ of rain, with localized areas of 1″+.

All of this will clear out by about 8am on Monday morning.  Once this front rumbles through, it leaves drier air and sunshine in it’s wake.  Sun returns by Monday mid-day and will stick around through the end of the week.  More “summah-stunnahs” to enjoy!  – Breezy

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