Three items of interest on the meteorological playing field:
1. Tropical Storm Irma
2. High Pressure
3. Hurricane Jose

First up…Irma…..She continues to spin herself out of existence as she moves through southwest Georgia this evening. Despite being a tropical storm, she walloped portions of the Jacksonville, FL area with a storm surge (4-6 feet) that they haven’t seen since the mid 1800’s!! Flooding rains & storm surge in the Charleston SC area as well as the risk of tornadoes tonight in South Carolina. This storm will head for Tennessee and weaken considerably by midweek. Here is the track:

Some remnant moisture from Irma is possible here in New England on Friday afternoon but nothing like people in the south are dealing with right now. between now and then, High pressure sprawled out of across the northern tier of states:

will spend some time with us. For you that means sunny days and a warming trend—-temps tomorrow through Thursday head for the mid 80s. A dry “heat” tho as dewpoints remain low. It may turn a little more humid by lateweek as those showers arrive.

The final chess piece to just watch right now is Hurricane Jose…it’s no threat to land this week as it does a loop-de-loop well east of Florida but by the weekend, it may try to wobble closer to the east coast of Florida. Here is the latest track:

No real threat to New England at this time but check back late week-this weekend to see if Jose tries to turn up the east coast.



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