Summertime storms…..choosy, shifty and sometimes feisty. We haven’t had that much thunderstorm activity this spring as there hasn’t been all that much heat/humidity….key ingredients for storms. We had heat & some humidity around today but most of that was focused along the coast early this afternoon which is why we had some severe thunderstorms up in Essex County. Once those storms moved offshore much of the afternoon was quite nice and only now (7pm) are we seeing some scattered showers & storms move across southern New England. These storms are tied to the first of two cold fronts that will pester us. The first one moves offshore later this evening sweeping today’s warmth & humidity out to sea.

Cold front #two charges through New England tomorrow afternoon with a scattering of showers. Like today, those shower will be hit & miss so some of you may not have hardly any rain while others could see a few brief downpours and even some small hail! the hail won’t be large but due to some wicked cold temperatures up in the clouds, a few small hailstones (pea sized or smaller) are likely. In between the showers will be sunshine but despite the sun, temps briefly reach 70.

After that we are done with cold front this week so sunshine–with some afternoon clouds–are the rule from Thursday through Saturday. Even though we are done with cold fronts, we are not done with the cool air….temps will dip close to 50 for morning lows and afternoon highs struggle to make it out of the 60s (normal high is 74). Overall, a cool pattern is here to stay for several days across the northeast with perhaps some summertime heat returning for the end of the month.


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