Summer’s Surge

In the wake of yesterday’s chill, we start this Wednesday morning off with cool temps and some low clouds and patchy fog.  Don’t worry, we shake it off faster than a Taylor Swift hit song and go old school as we throwback to The Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff with Summertime.

Highs today surge well into the 80s, if not closing in on 90 degrees.  Even in the city of Boston, any sea breeze that bounces around early this afternoon gets kicked out by late afternoon as temps in the city rise in the upper 80s.  The humidity is low, so it’s about as comfortable as a 90 degree day gets, although it’ll certainly feel warm, in fact the warmest weather we’ve had since last September.  Remember the sunscreen and don’t leave the pets and kids in the car!

The warm air continues into Saturday with highs tomorrow and Friday in the mid to upper 80s inland, 70s at the coast.  Saturday, the southwest wind pumps up the heat, pushing 90 again.  90 degree weather doesn’t last through the weekend though as a backdoor cool front pushes an easterly breeze back in here Sunday and Monday with highs in the 70s inland and 60s at the coast.  The weekend has many more dry hours than wet, however, a few scattered storms are likely Saturday late afternoon/evening with that cool front.  I can’t rule out a passing shower or two in a few towns that rest of the weekend, but again, more dry than wet.

Enjoy the warmer weather!  @clamberton7 -twitter