Welcome to Memorial Day Weekend. Today is our best day to be outside. Soak up the sun! Tomorrow, there’s a chance for spot shower or storm later in the day. Monday will be cooler with more clouds and a shower also later in the day.

There’s a lot of sunshine to start. We’ll see increasing mid and high level clouds leading to more of a filtered look later today. Yesterday, the land breeze was strong enough to push the warmth all the way to the coast. Today there will be less wind and will allow for afternoon sea breezes. The wind will come in off the chilly Atlantic water with temperatures in the upper 50s, so expect a cooling effect on the coast with temperatures down compared to inland.

That being said, today is your best day to hit the beach out of the three-day weekend. Just remember the UV Index is running high, so have the sunscreen ready to go. Water temperatures are still chilly in the upper 50s/near 60. Wave heights will be low. It’ll be a good day to cruise on the water!

Enjoy the dry and comfortable air mass today. Some humidity returns to end the holiday weekend. Along with that a slight increase in our shower/storm chances. There’s about a 30% chance for an isolated shower/storm chance tomorrow. Rain chances go up later in the day Monday. Most of the rainfall will be Monday night into Tuesday morning.

Tomorrow’s temperatures will be fairly similar to today. Warm inland and slightly cooler at the coast. It’ll be partly cloudy as we’ll be in and out of clouds through the day. There will be some clouds in the morning with a chance for a shower. We’ll get some sunshine through the day and that will create some instability to allow for an isolated storm to bubble up in the afternoon/evening. Most of us stay dry.

Monday will bring us more clouds and temperatures closer to average. The afternoon and evening brings the chance for rain with storms possible at night.

The not-so fun part of the weekend? The allergy forecast! Oak, ash and grasses are the top culprits.

-Meteorologist Melanie Black

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