Sun Stays With Us

Now that the drought has pretty much been wiped out of New England (a few patches of moderate drought remain across New Hampshire & Connecticut) it’s safe to root for sunny stretches of weather again. Granted, with a prolonged stretch of dry weather we would fall right back into drought status but for the next few days–through Monday–it’s OK & maybe  even encouraged to root for dry weather. We have a number of events that will depend on sunshine/dry weather–One Boston Day on Saturday, Easter Sunday and Marathon Monday/Patriot’s Day!

We’ll have sunshine for each & all of those events with only a well timed warm front bringing the possibility of a few showers. It’s well timed because if it’s going to cause rain (a few light showers) it would occur from 11pm Saturday until 4am Sunday–no daylight hours! Being a warm front, temps will warm from the 60s during daytime Saturday into the  low 80s for Easter Sunday (sunrise on Sunday is 6:01 am–temps should be near 50 at that time).

Perhaps a bit warm for some of you and if you run then the 80s are definitely too warm but thankfully the warmth is only a one day thing as Monday will feature sunny skies and temps during the morning hours in the upper 50s (a smidge warm, I’m told by runners) with afternoon temps in the mid 60s in Boston. Thankfully, no humidity and a tailwind that will help to move the air (and runners) along!

In terms of rain…it looks like our next chance of anything appreciable would happen late Wednesday Night-Thursday. Until then, enjoy that sunshine.