Catch a storm yesterday?  While the timing of the storms was vastly different from location to location, there were a bunch of towns that eventually got hit during Tuesday.  The early winners with the boomers were north of Boston with some heavy storms around lunch from Plum Island to Salem. Finally, by sunset and just after, parts of MetroWest and the surrounding Boston area got hit.  It’s the nature of the game in summer as storms tend to be hit or miss.

While the feel of summer is gone today, we do renew the threat for showers and storms this afternoon.  Despite being about 15 degrees cooler today, energy and unusually cold air aloft will aid in gusty showers and storms to develop after noon.  Between 2-6pm, showers and storms are most widespread with gusty wind and hail the main threats.  It’ll be easy for a number of towns to see small hail in a gusty shower or storm thanks to so much cold air upstairs.  Also, once you get hit with a heavier shower/storm, the temps likely drops from the low 70s to near 60 quick, then bounces back up a bit once the rain passes.

Showers and storms taper off between 6-8pm, allowing for a dry, cool and breezy overnight.  Thereafter, the pattern is cool the next several days as 60s and 70s rule the 7 day forecast.

We’ll have a gusty wind tomorrow and Sunday afternoon.  The best chance for a few more showers comes Saturday night and Sunday morning.

Have a great day.

As always, more maps/info on twitter… @clamberton7 

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