Lawn looking anything like this lately?  Chief Meteorologist Jeremy Reiner posted this picture on Twitter earlier today with the caption, “Shredded Wheat, anyone?”  That’s the kind of lawn you definitely want to keep your shoes on for.  At least it doesn’t need mowed?  #alwayslookonthebrightside  Unfortunately though, this picture really tells the story of how dry things have been lately.  “Moderate” drought conditions expanding through New England.  As I wrote in my blog last night, we need the rain but we don’t necessarily want the rain during the weekend.  ***Side note:  A viewer named Tom just messaged me and said it’s best to raise up your mower blades and cut the grass higher than normal in conditions like this.  It protects the soil a little more from the heat.

Remember that AT&T commercial from a couple of years back, when the little girl says “When you really, really like something, and you want more!”  Well, that’s what I was referencing in my forecast tonight.  If you really really, like the sunshine – you just want more.  More.  Looks like you’re in luck this weekend!  High pressure is in control once again, and will keep the sunshine in tact PLUS a warming trend.  Low 80s Saturday, and upper 80s Sunday!!  The one catch, as I’m sure you’ve already guessed, “cooler coast & Cape.”

The next chance we have to get any of that much-needed rain isn’t until Tuesday and Wednesday.  This looks like a front that will bring scattered showers and possibly storms to the area – but it doesn’t look like a slam-dunk in the rain department.  We’ll continue to watch this, of course.  Sadly, as the NWS said in their discussion today:  “Plenty of uncertainty here as dry weather tends to lead to more dry weather.”

Back to happy stuff… Enjoy your weekend!  -Breezy

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