Sunday Forecast

On a day like today, it is so difficult to find the right words to say.  After the terrible, horrific events that happened in Orlando last night, it’s hard to focus on anything else but the aftermath.  It’s hard for me to wear my “forecast hat” with all of the deafening sadness that surrounds us in the newsroom.  All of my thoughts and prayers are with those in Orlando, and that is where our priorities in news coverage will be tonight as well.

The forecast:  Winds were cranking out of the NW, and temps varied dramatically in the afternoon.  Some wind gusts got up to 40mph today, and there were reports of tree limbs down and power outages.  Highs were able to make it up to 80° in many spots, but quickly cooled following the passage of a cold front.  The wind helping with that cooling process, mixing the colder air from upstairs in the atmosphere down to the surface.  While the wind will relax in the overnight hours, there’s still a bit of a breeze with us tonight.  Lows will be quite cool, into the mid to upper 40s well inland, and low 50s for Boston.

Tomorrow looks like a bit of a carbon-copy of today.  It will be breezy (though, not as windy as today) with highs in the low to mid 70s.  We had the puffy cumulus clouds sticking around through today, and tomorrow that is the case again.  Those clouds can look ominous at times, as though they are threatening to rain out your picnic… but don’t cancel your plans.  While we can’t rule out a spot shower/sprinkle tomorrow afternoon/evening, it won’t last for long or amount to much.  The bottom line for this entire week is low humidity and dry weather, with a warming trend for the middle of the week.

Forecast models were suggesting a coastal low forming toward the weekend, and it could keep temps in the 70s and bring some wet weather.  Right now, it’s too far out to nail down the details.  If it doesn’t show up in time for the weekend, then we could make a good run at 90° for Father’s Day.  We’ll just have to wait and see.  – Breezy