Sunday: Movie Marathon Type of Weather

7Weather- Sunday will be a good day to stay inside and binge watch your favorite show. If you have to step outside, take the rain gear with you.

A low pressure system south of us, combined with a second system west of us, will keep the showers around all day Sunday.

Temperatures start in the 40s, and then stay there the entire day. Expect spot showers around sunrise, but a round of rain moves is as soon as 9-10 AM.

It won’t be pouring all day, but there will be on and off light rain, with pockets of heavier rain here and there. The periods of rain continue until 11 PM – midnight. Most towns get 0.50″ -1.00″ of rain. It will also be breezy at time with gusts up to 25 mph.

The low pressure system west of us will linger in our area into Monday. There could be drizzle/fog in the morning, and then a few showers late in the afternoon. Highs reach into the mid and upper 40s.

This rain is needed. We have gotten 7.39″ of precipitation since January 1st, putting that total about 3.00″ below average.