Clouds dominated through much of the day today but it was nice to get those temperatures back up closer to average. Even our warm up couldn’t *quite* get us there and today will still go down as a below average day. Cooler air will move back in for the weekend filling up the next several days with those blue squares.

While the weekend will be chilly, it will be sunny so get outside and soak up that sun! Temperatures on Saturday will top out in the upper 40s. There will a slight breeze which may add a touch of a chill to the air. It won’t be a knock you off your feet wind, but like today, noticeable. With temperatures that are in the upper 40s, it will feel slightly cooler but overall a nice day.

Sunday will be the cooler day but also have less wind. So while it’s technically a cooler day, it may end up feel similar to Saturday.

November is when our wind starts to ramp up… on average anyway. Our windiest months are November through March. So we expect some of these breezy days. Saturday will be one of those days. The wind will back off Sunday and Monday before picking back up again on Tuesday. Of course these are winds of change, and that change on Tuesday is the beginnings of a warm up for the middle and end of the upcoming week.

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