Sunshine Set To Return

A rainy Taco Tuesday evening is under way and we’ll own the rain overnight. The timing is the worst part about as it has been fouling up the evening commute but we do need the rain. We are still in that dang drought from last fall–granted, not as bad as last fall but it would be nice to get more water into the ground before we go all *green thumb* in a few weeks. Most towns will pick up around a .50″ of rain–not enough to end the drought but we’ll take it.

We could also use some sunshine around these parts—except for a few hours early Sunday morning, it’s been quite a while since we’ve had the sunshine. We get it back tomorrow after the clouds break apart mid morning.  That sunshine will boost temps up near 50 by afternoon–close to our normal high of 49. The only knock I have on tomorrow is the wind as it will be feisty at times, gusting between 20-30 mph. That wind may add a chilly feel to the air at times. More sunshine on Thursday and less wind. Nice day.

Despite two days of sunshine, we are still in an unsettled pattern and our next storm on deck arrives Friday midday. This storm may try & foul spring up with some snow. This does not appear to be April 1st, 1997 but I do think locations in the Worcester Hills may see some accumulating snow. Even in lower elevations, some wet snow is likely Friday afternoon (perhaps accumulating on non-road surfaces but roads should stay wet). Otherwise, it’s a chilly rain with some wet snow Friday afternoon & evening. By Saturday the air warms enough to prevent a snow threat but still chilly & raw–near 40– with light rain & drizzle. Ugh…early spring in New England is something else.