Super Sunday… Messy Mid-Week Mix

The breeze remains active on today, however, this time, it’s from the southwest. That direction will add about 10 degrees to temps, putting the numbers closer to 40 by mid to late afternoon. While I can’t rule out a flurry or brief snow shower, much of the day is dry and that means there shouldn’t be any travel issues to and from those Superbowl parties. If finding space in your fridge is an issue for all the food and beverages, my suggestion is to leave some of those beverages on the deck or patio. With temps running in the mid 30s in the early evening, that should work out just fine! Lets Goooooooooooooo! By game’s end, temps are still hovering in the low to mid 30s before fading back into the 20s late overnight.

While Monday offers a quiet day, Tuesday and Wednesday don’t.

Initially, the air in place is cold enough to support some snow breaking out on Tuesday morning, but with a storm track to our west, the easterly breeze combined with warming air aloft, from south to north, will change that morning/midday snow over to a mix, then rain by Tuesday evening. That icy mix Tuesday by evening is mostly near/outside 495 with all of us changing to rain on Wednesday morning. While it’s not a huge snow event, shovels and plows may be need for a time Tuesday, especially near and north of the Mass Pike with the highest totals over northern Mass and southern NH.  The snow map below is what the current forecast thinking is now.

While I’m confident in the changeover from snow and ice to rain, what remains to be seen is how much precipitation gets in here on Tuesday morning and midday, when it’s cold enough to snow. That’s something that could alter these amounts a bit… of course check back with us the next couple of days.

Where you see the 3-5″… there will be some freezing rain and sleet for several hours through Tuesday evening, so leftover slick spots by Wednesday morning are mainly north and west of 495.  Wednesday itself sees scattered showers leftover, mainly in the morning, some dry hours by afternoon, and temps jumping up into the 50s!

It’ll turn colder late week, back to near 30 Thursday and Friday. We’ll have to watch how close a storm gets to us Thursday, right now I’ll keep it dry, but if the track is close enough, we may have to thrown some snow in the forecast.  Something else to check back on.
Enjoy the game!

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