Super Weekend & Supermoon Ahead!

Wow the almost full supermoon looked stunning early this morning!! Good news is, we’ll have a few more nights to soak up this phenomenal sight! Even thought his full moon will be closest to the earth Monday around 6:23 A.M., you’ll be able to see approximately the full supermoon this weekend. Your best shot at seeing the (almost) supermoon looks to be Sunday night as we’ll have less cloud cover tomorrow night compared to tonight. I doubt you’ll miss it, even if you’re not looking for the supermoon!

We’ve got another gem when it comes to the forecast this weekend! Temperatures trend cooler today, with highs in the upper-40s for most of us, but we’ll be treated to plenty of sunshine. We’ll maintain slightly breezy conditions, but it will be tame compared to yesterday’s winds (which gusted up to 43 mph here in Boston). Our chilly temperatures are short-lives though, as we warm up about 10° for tomorrow’s highs. High pressure builds to our west, and keeps us in a quiet weather pattern into the start of next week.

Our next best shot at wet weather looks to be Tuesday as an area of low pressure moves up the coast. While our current dry stretch has been pleasant, we’ll take any rain we can get! Our rain deficit is again back to 10+ inches.


Have a wonderful weekend!

Meteorologist Wren Clair