Take Five

If you know me via TV or social media (or perhaps even in person) you know I’m a huge fan of winter, especially snow. Love all my New England seasons and 12 days ago the weather maps looked bleak for snow in southern New England. Then something happened…the storm track was briefly put into hyper-drive and we got some snow. Places in northern New England have received quite a bit. Check out this sample:
Boston 22″
Concord NH 24″
Worcester 25″
Burlington VT 30″
Bangor ME 36″
Portland ME 40″

A bit on the snow blitzy side of things. Thankfully, this lil blitz is over AND we have milder weather heading this way–something that was nowhere to be found in-between those storms two years ago. I like snow but I think I’ve had my fill for the winter–had some snow in December and early January and now these past 12 days. I’m good and Mother Nature helps as our pattern gets sleepy for about a week. Sunshine is around tomorrow but we’ll still have that chilly breeze for much of the day. After that, warmer air arrives just in time for the Holiday Weekend…
If you are heading up north for some skiing this weekend, shave off about 10-15 degrees from those numbers—just about ideal as all that fresh snow will still be on the slopes. We’ll melt the snow piles around these parts.

Enjoy some fine late winter weather heading this way!