Take Your Pick

Once again, we’re faced with a split 50/50 weekend.  I guess Mother Nature just wants to provide us with a “Choose Your Own Adventure” forecast to bookend the work-week!  If you’re a sun-worshipper like myself, today is your day.  If you like a good soaking rain so you can stay in and watch Netflix, tomorrow is your day.  For the record, the Complaint Department is closed this weekend because I know it’s not ideal to have any sort of rain on a weekend in June… and you’d like to tell someone how upset this makes you.  Maybe the timing is not ideal, but we do need the rain.  Most towns are anywhere from 2-4″ below average precip for the year.

First, let’s enjoy summer-like conditions on this Saturday.  While we are starting out with some low clouds and fog this morning, that will quickly mix out and let the sunshine in.  Temperatures will appropriately respond to the sun, rising into the mid to upper 70s by lunchtime.  Inland, temps will continue to warm into the low 80s but coastal locations will stay in the 70s, thanks to a sea breeze.  Dewpoints today will be right about 60°, which is a “medium” on the muggies meter – and “curly” on the Frizz Factor.  The afternoon features partly cloudy skies… but don’t wash the car, no matter how tempted you are!  You know what they say:  “Wash the car today, rain’s coming your way.”  Or wait… does anyone say that?  Well, I just did.

We are certainly in store for a soggy Sunday.  I know timing is everything and while we will get some dry hours in there, it really is kind of a “washout” day.  I think the first round of rain arrives in the morning, between 9am-11am.  This may just be some scattered showers, but we can’t rule out some heavier rain along this band.  Though, the heaviest rain in this event will hold off until the evening hours.  This system, now to our west, is gathering together all of the ingredients it needs to be a good soaking for New England.  A widespread 1-2″ of rainfall is in store, with locally higher amounts possible.  We could even have a rumble of thunder or two, in which case we can’t rule out gusty wind and downpours causing flooding.  This will be something to keep an eye on tomorrow evening, and I’ll be tracking it all for you on 7News.

Once the rain is out of the way, it’s back to more summer-like weather… at least, for the first couple of days next week.  Another cool-down is in store by Wednesday, and may stick around for a bit.  Maybe this just gives us a little extra time to put the finishing touches on our summer check-list.  The 4th of July is only 29 days away!  #SummerCountdown  – Breezy