Taste Of Summer


Beach weather begins now! But really, don’t go in the water ( still 48° brrr). Yesterday was a phenomenal day with temps in the low-80s and not much in the way of humidity.

Today we crank it up a notch, with temps in the mid to upper-80s, and humidity won’t be oppressive either. Winds out of the SW today, will be blustery at times, which will likely feel pretty nice (especially after having gone from mostly 50s this May straight into the 80s).

Tomorrow morning’s temps won’t require a jacket, as we kick-start the day with temps about 5° above our average high temps! That sets the stage for what could be recording breaking heat for us tomorrow, if we can reach 92° (and we’re forecasting low-90s) we’ll break our record!

A cold front moves through New England this Friday, which could touch of a few storms for us (but the bulk of the days stays dry). Temps cool back to seasonable values in the mid to upper-60s for your weekend.

Hope you enjoy our sunshine-filled day!