#TBT Summer Weather

Next few days behaving more like August than September—-we have already seen summer temps these past two days and while the temps are a bit lower the next couple of days, normal high temps are near 74, we won’t be around that number until early next week. Adding to the summer flare will be humidity….the kind you find in August, not September. The reason for a return to humidity is the Ghost of Irma….

Whatever is left of the massive hurricane–and it’s not much after you account for some clouds & showers–is located out in Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana this evening. This whirling dervish will head this way the next two days and bring clouds, humidity as well as the risk of some showers. No washouts or flooding rains though. We’re talking less than .50″ of rain possible–and even that will be scattered in nature, not widespread. Here is the chance of those showers…

As of now, Friday offers the best chance of the showers but even that is not a washout. The Ghost is outta here this weekend but slowly taking the clouds/showers with it…..Should be rain-free after 8am Saturday & the rest of the weekend. What will remain though will be the summer temps and humidity. both days offer highs near 80 as well as a hint of mugginess in the air.

Slightly cooler & less humid air set to return early next week.