It was another summer like day out there today with temperatures climbing to the 80° mark in several towns. Of course the downside to days like today is the high fire risk across southern New England. A red flag warning was issued today and will be back in effect tomorrow. The combination of sunshine, low relative humidity, gusty wind, and lack of rainfall will lead to fires starting and spreading very easy. Burning is discouraged for most of this week.

Rainfall is running below average for both the month of May and the spring season (March, April, and May) and the rest of the week will stay dry.

There is a cold front to our north that will drop through overnight but sadly no rain will be squeezed out of it. Clouds will increase this evening and night but nothing more than a sprinkle is on tap. If you see anything (most will not), it will be a sprinkle or two and not even enough to wet the pavement, let alone provide any meaningful rain for grass or plants.

While we may not *SEE the impacts from the cold front, we’ll certainly *FEEL them! Temperatures will be taking a tumble tomorrow, falling almost 20° from where we maxed out today. You can see how much colder that air mass is that’s parked up in Canada.

Temperatures tomorrow will stay below average, only climbing to about 60°. Some of us might not even make it to 60°. Not only will temperatures be colder, but with the gusty wind and the fact that we’ve acclimated to the mild temperatures, there will be a good chill to the air tomorrow.

As the cold air sets up shop, we have a pretty good frost threat TOMORROW NIGHT. Tonight, we’re fine as temperatures will fall to the 40s, but tomorrow night we’ll fill up the temperature map with low to mid 30s. City of Boston will likely stay near 40° but most towns will need to cover up flowers and plants with frost likely by Thursday morning.

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