The Dark Ages

The Dark Ages….
No….not THOSE Dark Ages…..ours….at this time of year. Sunrise this week is near 7:00 and sunset is around 4:15–egad! Adding insult to injury is a cloudy day(s) which furthers the darkness as sunlight passing through those clouds at such a low angle (notice how long your shadow is this time of year?) can barely add light to our surroundings.

When doing some research for this blog I was a bit surprised to learn that for southern New England, November is not the cloudiest month–it’s actually May! This map shows which parts of the nation see the most clouds at various times of year. This map was put together by a Climatologist by the name of Brian Brettschneider–kudos to him…
You can see quite a few days are indeed cloudy around the Great Lakes–makes sense with cold our flowing out of Canada across the lakes, forming the clouds and, at times, snow showers. For southern New England it makes sense that May would feature a lot of clouds with the chilly ocean—warmer, more humid air passing over that chilly ocean forms clouds & fog. I didn’t seek out data for the second cloudiest month but I would bet November would be #2 for us.

Certainly these past few days–and next few–are padding the stats for November. The good news with these next two days clouds will be some beneficial rain on tap. Showers arrive midday tomorrow and last through the evening and then another batch of rain on Wednesday afternoon-evening! It’s a slow moving storm but when it finally moves out by early Thursday morning most towns should pick up between 1-2″ of rain…perhaps some towns up near 3″ of rain! Just what we need for the drought. It’s chilly & raw with the rain these next two days…temps in the 40s. Bleh.

Sunshine is back on Thursday–the first day of December.