Get it while it’s good this morning! We start this weekend off with some sunshine and relatively mild air this morning as sunshine prevails through late morning and inland temps warm to 55-60 by lunch and hold near 50 at the coast. This afternoon, as northerly to northeast winds continue to be brisk, clouds also start to fill in, and the temps will drop into the 40s for all of us by mid to late afternoon. While it’ll stay mainly dry through dinner, a late day sprinkle can’t be ruled out.

Chilly air continues to drain in tonight and as moisture increases, the shower chance will go up, especially after midnight. As the air in place gets colder tonight, some sleet pellets likely mix in. We’ll continue to see a mix of rain drops and sleet pellets tomorrow in the intermittent showers we pick up. It’ll be a breezy and cold day with a north to northeast wind. Temps struggle tomorrow to climb into the mid 30s. As cold air remains firmly in place, even some freezing rain is possible deep inland tomorrow and tomorrow night. With some sleet and freezing in the mix, the National Weather Service has issued a winter weather advisory for most locations northwest of Route 128, north of the Mass Pike.

Not a forecast you see often for mid April, but the Fenway forecast tomorrow is for temps to hover in the mid 30s with showers mixed of rain drops and sleet pellets. Whether is intermittent enough or light enough to play through remains to be seen, but I don’t expect the Sox to play Monday as a soaking rain moves in. There’s some question Monday of how far north the warm front will make it, but as of now, expect a soggy and chilly 26.2 miles with early morning temps in Hopkinton in the upper 30s and midday Boston temps in the mid 40s. The best chance to crack 50+ appears to be south of the Pike at the moment. Winds will be out of the east, providing a head wind to the runners.

Stay warm and stay dry the next few days.

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