The Heat is Gone

High temps today were a far cry from the last three 90°+ days we’ve experienced.  Yes, in case you missed it yesterday, it was a May “heat wave” for Boston; 3 consecutive days of 90°+ (Wed, Thurs, Fri).  This was the 2nd earliest heat wave on record; the earliest was May 2-4, 2001.  Needless to say, for it to get that hot for that amount of time this early in the year… not normal.

Today was more “normal” for the middle of May, with highs topping out in the upper 60s and low 70s away from the coastline.  As the cooler, drier, more refreshing air sticks around for the rest of the weekend, tonight will be a good night to open up the windows and let Mother Nature provide the A.C.  With temps falling back into the mid to low 40s for most, you may even wake up during the night and shut the windows!  A few of the typically coldest spots do have the potential to fall back into the upper 30s tonight (Norwood, Taunton, Orange…) which could mean patchy frost.  This is the exception to the rule, though.  If you know your area is typically among the coldest on the map and you’re worried about sensitive vegetation you may have already planted, just cover those plants up overnight or bring them in to err on the side of caution.

Speaking of caution, this word of warning may be coming too late for many of us – but CAUTION:  The sunshine is VERY strong, no matter the temperature!

The UV Index today and tomorrow is between 8-9 at solar noon, which means our skin can burn within 15-20 minutes if not protected by SPF 30+.  That same strong sunshine is with us again tomorrow – so slather that SPF on so you don’t come home from your Sunday plans looking like a lobstah!  

Tomorrow will be much like today:  Highs in the upper 60s to near 70 away from the coastline, and a sea breeze keeping the coastline closer to 60°.  Heading to Gillette to cheer on the New England Revolution?  It’s FINALLY a dry game for the Revs at Gillette!  Enjoy!  

Clouds will begin to move in late in the day ahead of our next rain-maker.  We are in for a rainy and raw Monday, with highs topping out in the mid to upper 50s (maybe).  I do think that the Monday morning commute looks dry currently, but the evening commute will be a wet one.  Rain could be heavy at times, but we’re only in for about a widespread 0.50″ by the time this moves out early Tuesday morning.  Monday is the wettest day of the next week, but we do have some unsettled weather with a chance for afternoon showers Wed-Friday.  It does look like improvement is on the way to kick off the holiday weekend.  Enjoy your sunny Sunday!  – Breezy