The Heat Is On

Cue the 80s music (because let’s face it, 80s music is where it’s at) for this heat reference…The Heat Is On (Glenn Frey, 1984) and it looks to stay around. Boston had a high temp of 92–our 3rd 90° day this year (normal is 14) with more on the way. Compared to last year when the city didn’t have its first 90° day until July 19th we are seeing more heat more often this far and when looking down the road, it appears temps are more likely to average above normal rather than below normal. Summer.

Tomorrow the temps won’t be as high with most towns reaching the mid 80s but it will feel just as (if not more) uncomfortable with higher humidity around. This increase in humidity will also lead to a couple of chance of showers & t-storms. Each chance though we are talking isolated–not drought busting rains. The first shot at some rain will be during the early to mid morning then a break for a few hours midday into the afternoon with a renewed chance mid to late evening. Again, isolated–not widespread. Skies will average out mostly cloudy to partly sunny skies.

In any event, we are back into full sunshine on Friday with hot temps back in the mix. Friday looks like a sizzler with most towns heading for the low to mid 90s and when you factor in some leftover humidity, the heat index will reach the upper 90s! Despite the wicked heat, shower & storm activity appears unlikely. The weekend looks sunny & continued hot, near 90 but with less humidity it should make for more tolerable for outdoor activities. Summer.