Fifth straight day with sunshine, seasonable temps and low humidity and it looks like the streak rolls on. This won’t be like JBJ’s hitting streak a few weeks ago (29 games) but we can push it up to 9 days before we see any rain. In fact, our next chance of rain looks like some scattered thunderstorms next Tuesday afternoon…scattered…so perhaps for some of you the streak rolls on!

Until then it’s still about High Pressure drifting through the northeast supplying us with ample sunshine and due to its location (west of New England), we won’t be subject to any wicked heat or humidity but rather comfortable temps & humidity…..temps in the 70s (dewpoints in the 50s). Some stellar weather for outdoor activities–granted a bit cool for the beaches but laying on the sand in direct June sunlight will keep it plenty warm.

The only knock I have on this fantastic pattern….it’s dry. When looking at precipitation totals over the past two months, many cities & towns are running around 3-5″ deficits….dry for the farmers & green-thumbers across southern New England—you’ll have to do the watering as no widespread rain appears any time soon.

Enjoy your evening.


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