The Winds Of Change

It’s about time! Patriots football?!?!—well, yeah but I’m actually talking about that dang humidity finally exiting New England. It took a mighty powerful front to do the trick which lead to some tree damage across the region. Check out this map showing reports of wind/tree damage:
Quite a turbulent bout of weather and the wind gusts did not come from a tornado or microburst! It was a line of showers & downpours–with very little lightning–marching across the region producing pockets of wind gusts between 40-55mph (Cambridge had a gust to 56mph, Brookline a gust to 53 mph). Normally, that type of wind wouldn’t lead to that amount of tree damage but because of our severe drought the roots are in powdery, dry soil…no match for today’s wind…Down goes Frazier.

Now—this weather system wasn’t tropical but rather the first legit cold front of the early fall season. This cold front blasted through here with the wind (and some rain) and this front easily dislodged the humidity. Those dewpoints were in the low 70s early this morning but once that rain came through, the dewpoint fell some 10-15 degrees in just minutes. Even now, the dewpoints are lower than where they were after the rain. This map shows the 5pm dewpoints..
..and this is where they will hang out for much of the week…

#Outstanding. Plan on crisp, dry air for much, if not all of the week (a slight uptick Wednesday evening) will be the rule for New England. These low dewpoints also mean some cool early morning temps–especially the next two mornings–plan on your day starting in the upper 40s/low 50s (upper 50s in Boston) so ready the jackets & sweaters! Afternoon temps head for the upper 70s to around 80. In terms of any beneficial rain for the drought–nope. A few showers likely late Wednesday evening and into the overnight hours will be our only chance of raindrops & the amount of rain is scant—less than .50″

Enjoy what’s left of your weekend–and the Pats game tonight!