The Winds Of Change

Wind. It is the result of temperature differences across the globe and helps to move those air masses around planet Earth. Tomorrow, air will be on the move….moving mild air out and replacing it with cold air. A cold front is the culprit and as noted last night, this front won’t make too much noise when it comes through here (sometimes these fronts move through with clouds & rain). What the front will do is get the wind cranking by midday and certainly through the afternoon, gusting between 20-30 mph. Thankfully, this cold front doesn’t have that much arctic air with it, so temps will be able to reach the mid & upper 50s by midday before falling back into the 40s by early evening. Sunshine is with us all day.

The weekend offers sunshine each day but Saturday is the colder of the two days as afternoon temps are held in check–only reaching the mid 40s (normal high is 53). Sunday, after a chilly beginning, the temps head for the upper 50s. All in all, both days are great for outdoor activities with Saturday just requiring a few more layers of warmth than Sunday. Pats game Sunday Night at Gillette offers clear skies (huge moon–Supermoon!) and chilly the 40s for the game.

In terms of beneficial rain for our drought—nothing the next few days but building signs of a storm middle of next week (rain–not snow) is what we’ll focus on…until then, enjoy that sunshine.

Tomorrow is Veterans Day—THANK YOU to all of you who have served (my father and uncle included) as well as those of you who are protecting our liberties today.