They Should Be Called “EW-points!”

What a night last night!  Some towns picked up between 1-3″ of rainfall; much NEEDED rainfall, I might add.  However, you may not have been a fan of losing sleep.  The boomers around 2:30-3am definitely woke me up.  I’m never disappointed for a good light show, though!  #stormchaseratheart  Those storms were fired up as a warm front moved in, and BOY, did the hot/humid air surge in behind that front.  Highs were back into the 90s for most again today, but add in dewp’s in the 70s (mid 70s really earns “dewpoints” the better name of “EWpoints“) and you get heat indices (“feels like”) into the triple digits.  It was certainly a scorcher… which ironically, is hard for me to type right now because my fingers are frozen!  YES, frozen!  Why is it that the HOTTER it gets outside, the COLDER it gets inside places like the grocery store or the #7News Weather Cave?!  I shouldn’t complain… So, sorry I did.  Moving on.

A whole lotta hype on the “storms” we were watching for this afternoon.  The SPC (Storm Prediction Center) put much of the Commonwealth under the “Slight Risk” category for severe storms today.  Honestly, I thought we’d be seeing them by now.  BUT, as you know with thunderstorms, it really takes all of the ingredients to come together at the right place and right time… and for the most part – it’s been a miss today.  We’re not complaining!  We don’t want the severe weather, but we could definitely use the rain (are you sick of hearing/reading this yet?  #droughtdowners).  Nevertheless, we can’t let our guard down just yet.  As I type, a strong thunderstorm has been able to gain momentum and is moving into Worcester with downpours and lots of lightning.  The chance for storms will be with us until after midnight tonight.

Tomorrow is hot again… BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!  It won’t be AS humid as it has been.  Highs in the upper 80s to near 90 is still pretty hot, but with dewp’s in the low to mid 60s (rather than the low to mid 70s like today), we shouldn’t have to worry about any “feels like” temps hitting triple-digits.  PLUS, tomorrow will be mostly sunny and storm free!  Yippee!!  Beach day, I say.  

Our next weather-maker arrives on Tuesday.  Looks like more humidity and more scattered storms in the forecast, that could linger into Wednesday.  After that, the end of the week and weekend look stellar.  More seasonable (highs in the low 80s), partly cloudy skies, humidity in check (dewp’s around 60°), and storm-free.  Have a great week!  – Breezy