Third Time’s a Charm!

The last two days have been so nice, weather-wise, we might as well cap off the work-week with another fantastic forecast!  As the title reads, “Third time’s a charm!”  We’re starting off with comfortably “cool” temps once again.  In fact, Martha’s Vineyard set a new record low temp for today at 46° (previous record was 49° in 2013).  Once again, like the last couple of days, we’ll warm up very quickly; into the 80s by lunchtime!  Highs top out in the mid to upper 80s for most.  Maybe this Friday forecast has you feeling, *cough, cough*, a little like you might be, *cough, sniffle*, coming down with something?  You’ll probably need to take the day off to recover at the beach. :c)  Only kidding around, of course.

There are many outdoor activities planned for this weekend, including but not limited to:  #PearlJam at Fenway both tonight and Sunday, #PanMassChallenge both Saturday and Sunday, #GettinMyTanOn whenever I can, #BackyardBBQ’s… etc.  Don’t cancel any of your plans, but if you’re planning on being out tomorrow – you’ll need to be flexible with those plans and “keep an eye to the sky.”  Scattered showers and thunderstorms are expected Saturday, and the SPC (Storm Prediction Center) has put us in the “Marginal Risk” category for some of those storms to reach severe criteria.  If those storms do get ornery, the main threat will be strong/damaging straight line wind-gusts as well as locally heavy rainfall (but unfortunately, none of this will be what we need to start chipping away at the severe drought).  Timeline on this is still a little broad, but I think the best chance for storms will be around lunchtime through mid afternoon (early evening).  Remember, these summertime storms can be really picky-choosy where they end up… so while one backyard BBQ may get forced inside for a time, a couple of towns over will be saying, “What storms?”  Catch my drift?  Just be “weather aware” tomorrow.  I’ll be here, keeping you posted through the day on my social media accounts (Facebook and Twitter) as well as on #7News.

Sunday will be another stunnah, with dewp’s dropping back into the 50s (humidity will be in check) and temps warming into the mid 80s again.  See?  I told you earlier this week, while it may be a bummer that the sun is setting before 8pm, plenty of the best days of summer are still ahead of us!  See you tomorrow.  – Breezy