Time Change… Weather Change to Follow

Catch that extra hour of sleep? Or, if you’re like me and have little kids at home, it’s more like “what extra hour of sleep?!”. Anyway, the result of the Fall Back means the sun sets at 4:32pm today, yikes! Although we won’t see a whole lot of the sun as mostly cloudy skies prevail through the day, we won’t see much rain either. While I can’t rule out a spot shower or two, much of this Sunday will be dry with highs in the 50s to near 60.

Temps rise late tonight as low 60s start the day Monday. We’ll head into the lower 70s by the afternoon before a cold front knocks the numbers back for the rest of the week. That cold front will provide showers and even embedded thunder late tomorrow and tomorrow evening before it dries out after midnight.

Have a good Sunday!

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