Time to Thaw

From frigid to 50s…  It’s hard to believe, as we sit in the teens, that we’ll be thawing out soon.  Today was one of those “frozen nose-hairs” days… starting out below 0° for many this morning, and not warming up much at all this afternoon.  We haven’t been above 32° since Thursday, and that was just barely above freezing, with a high of 34°.  I’m sure by now you’ve found a good way to bundle up.  However, we’ll be ditching the snow boots for what I like to call “irrigatin’ boots” (rain boots) as we melt things down this week.

This “warm-up” will be slow to set in though, and we’re in for another cold night.  Into the single digits for the coldest spots and low teens & tweens for the rest of us.  There could even be a few light snow showers/flurries for the Cape and islands, which could make for another coating to 1″ of snow accumulation in isolated spots.  That won’t make much of a difference after all the snow those areas picked up on Saturday!  By the way, I got a good question on Twitter today:  “Help, what should we do with our driveways?  Do we shovel or let the rain melt it all away??”  Because it’s so cold out still, the snow is still very light and fluffy and easy to move around.  We don’t have any driveways to shovel at our place, but my husband did clean around the drains today – just to prepare for our January thaw.  If you don’t mind a wet/sloppy mess, then let the milder temps and rain do the work.  Once we climb above 32° tomorrow PM, we’ll stay above freezing until overnight Friday into Saturday.

Tuesday should be dry, until we hit the evening hours (after 5pm) – and temps will be warming… but slowly.  There will be some spots in the interior that hang on to the cold longer, in which case some areas could get light snow or even freezing rain at the onset of this precipitation.  These areas will be well NW of 495, into the Worcester Hills, could be a coating to 1″ of snow and some slick spots.  Temperatures will continue to rise into the after-dark hours, and we’ll hit our highs for tomorrow just before the clock ticks over into Wednesday.  After midnight, expect scattered rain showers to continue through about 8am on Wednesday.  And check out this upswing in temps:

The arrow on Friday is indicating that temps will fall during the afternoon.  By late Friday and into the weekend we are done with the “spring tease” and it’s back to winter.  There could even be some flurries or light snow showers for the AFC Divisional Playoff game at Gillette on Saturday.  We’ll keep you posted.  For now, kick back and enjoy the thaw.  – Breezy