It’s been tough to find fault with the recent weather other than the strong breeze we had for a few days. Overall, the low humidity, sunshine and comfortable temps have been easy to take.  That theme will continue.

While no day is exactly the same, the day to day fluctuations won’t be all that dramatic and still fall in the category of “nice early summer weather”. Today we’ll more clouds in the mix, especially this morning as mid to high level clouds slide in.  That sun is filtered but still getting through, allowing for the need for sunscreen if you head to the ball fields or to the beach.  Skies are brightest this afternoon.  Temps today are coolest at the coast, mid 70s and warm into the low to mid 80s inland.

Friday is the coolest day this week with temps near 70 at the beach and upper 70s inland.  More sun than clouds prevail, and with the low humidity, it’ll still be an enjoyable day.

Father’s Day Weekend:  As Tom Petty said, “waiting is the hardest part”, and when you’re stuck in the office on a beauty of a weather stretch all week, waiting for the weekend takes some patience.  It also takes some hope…. hoping the weather winner streak can continue into the weekend.

That streak does continue as sunshine dominates Saturday with highs in the low to mid 70s at the coast and low 80s inland.  Sunday, sunshine beats the clouds again as temps step it up.  Mid to upper 80s inland, with the warmest temps northwest of Boston.  Along the coast, temps hold in the 70s with onshore breezes.

While the weather is great for dad, we could use the rain, so that means you’ll likely have to throw some water on the lawns and gardens!

Enjoy and remember that sunscreen!

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