I keep reminding myself that it’s October.  It certainly does not feel like October!  Warm and humid today… humidity continues to increase tonight.  That means it’s not one of those “open the windows and let the fresh fall air in” kind of nights.  Low clouds and fog will form in some spots with lows in the 60s.  The cloud cover will be hanging tough through much of Sunday – but it’ll still be another warm day with highs in the mid to upper 70s.  A few isolated to scattered showers are possible too, but a good chunk of the day still features dry weather. That includes Fenway Park as the temp hovers around 75, with high humidity.  And if you’re up and out the door early to tackle the 13.1 miles of the BAA Half Marathon tomorrow, you may welcome the isolated sprinkles/showers with as muggy and mild as it will be:

Hurricane Nate made landfall around 8pm this evening as a Cat 1 storm.  A second landfall is expected tonight along the coast of Mississippi around midnight.  The main concern going through the next 12 hours or so, will be the storm surge for the Gulf Coast.  For the hardest hit areas, storm surge could be between 6-11′ – with insult added to injury by the shallow Gulf as well as high tide arriving at the same time as Nate’s surge.  Maybe one bit of “good” news with this storm is that it is moving VERY quickly – which means it will not stay over any one particular area for long (like Harvey did in Texas).  Still, some 2-5″ of rain is on the table for the areas shaded in red:

We’ll be watching it all closely – especially here closer to home come Monday as the remnants of Nate drop some beneficial rainfall on our lawns.  A widespread inch of rain is expected, but there could be some localized heavy rain on Monday bringing isolated spots closer to 2″ or above… if that falls too much too quickly, it could cause some poor drainage/urban street flooding issues.  As always, we’ll keep you posted.  – Breezy

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