Tracking Our Next Coastal Storm

There’s not much to say about today’s weather. A perfect fall day. Sunshine, temperatures in the low 60s.

While today is quiet, it can’t last forever. In fact we’ll see changes tomorrow. While we start off with sunshine on Wednesday, that will fade away to cloud cover by the evening. The good news, is the rain doesn’t arrive until after the evening commute, so that should lessen a lot of the impacts. The good news with this storm is it’s primarily an overnight event so even impacts on Thursday shouldn’t be terrible. That said, Thursday is not a nice day. It’ll be cloudy, scattered showers, and the gusty wind remains.

As mentioned, the majority of the rain will fall during the overnight hours, but it’ll be healthy rain. Several inches are possible for many of us. Since it falls in a short amount of time, we’ll have to watch for the possibility of street flooding. If you can get out and clear the storm drains today or tomorrow morning, you’ll help yourself out in the long run. Wind will also be a threat primarily along our coastal areas. While the winds start from the southeast, they’ll turn to the west/northwest behind the storm. That’s great news for the coastal flood/beach erosion threat as the wind will be out to sea rather than battering the shore.

But again, timing is our friend. It’s out by the weekend with sunshine and 60s returning for Saturday and Sunday.