Traveling Times!

The Thanksgiving Holiday is just days away (time is a flyin!) and the last thing we need is some powerhouse winter storm. Thankfully, we don’t have that in the cards this year! We do have one blip on the radar–literally–for Wednesday morning but the blip is just some rain…no ice or snow. What will be a challenge this week will be the temperatures—up, down all over the place! Quite cold today with temps in the 30s & 40s but wind making it feel even colder through the day. Tomorrow, after morning temps in the 30s, the temps will head for mid & upper 50s by afternoon. Quite the turnaround…the wind is with us again, although not as fiesty but even a steady, light breeze can *mask* some of that mild air this time of year.

Wednesday is all about that travel (ok, and that bass too). Here is what the nation should look like on a weather map:

Most of the nation is storm-free with only some rain showers here in New England. A closer look reveals mainly eastern New England and only for a few hours during the morning:

That band of rain is tied to a cold front which will send the temps from 50-ish down through the 40s by early evening. Even colder if you head west out of New England! That cold front sets the table for cold turkey on Thursday with most towns only briefly reaching the low 40s by afternoon (morning 5k Turkey Trots will see temps in the low 20s!) If Thursday is your travel day, no major issue coast to coast:

The only problem areas will be Florida and the Pacific Northwest with some rain. Safe travels this week & have a great Holiday!