Trend Is Your Friend

And…. we’re back! After a couple of relatively cooler days, April in February came rolling back today with highs well into the 50s, if not close to 60 for many towns. Another tell tale sign of Spring, the sea breeze! Once those easterly breezes kicked along the coastline, temps fell back toward the mid 40s as that chillier ocean air drifting in.

The sea breeze tomorrow won’t be around as southwest winds are strong enough to hold it back. That southwest wind also helps warm it up again as we head for the lower to mid 60s.  One fly in the ointment tomorrow may be a layer of low clouds that limit the amount of sun. If that’s the case, we’re closer to 60 vs mid 60s. Anyhow, it’ll be a mild day for sure with numbers close to record levels for the time of year.

While tomorrow is dry, I cant rule out a spot shower or two midday Friday as a front wobbles around southern New England. The temp forecast on Friday is a challenge as there’s a large gradient along the front. South of it, 60s are likely, north of it, 40s. It may be one of those days where Cape Ann and much of Northeast Mass are in the 40s and south of the Pike runs near 60 or better. Saturday will be mild too… near 60 with clouds, some breaks of sun and once and a while a spot shower or sprinkle. The best chance for more widespread showers arrives Saturday night. On the other side of that front, breezy and 40s for Sunday with returning sun.