Tropical Downpours….but not from Hurricane IRMA

Hurricane Irma grabbing all the attention today—as it should….now tied for the second strongest (in terms of wind speed…185mph )Atlantic Hurricane on record with only Hurricane David producing stronger winds (190 mph). Unreal. Still no strong signal that New England would be directly affected but I can’t say with certainty for about another 4-5 days. Once it gets to Florida it likely either goes up the east side of Florida perhaps a landfall in GA/SC or the second scenario is traveling up the west side of Florida affecting Naples, Fort Myers, Tampa. For us, that first scenario (up along east coast of Florida) would be the one we would have to watch with great interest. Until the weekend….stay tuned. Here is the latest track from the National Hurricane Center:

Leaning toward the west side of Florida right now.

For us, tomorrow & tomorrow night will have a tropical feel—but in no way tied to Irma–rather just tropical air along the east coast. Check out the dewpoints from this afternoon:

#Muggy. That combined with this slow moving front to our west:

Means we have the risk of scattered showers and some tropical downpours to contend with. It won’t rain all night & all day tomorrow but have the rain gear ready to go as the showers could pop at any time through the day Wednesday. The risk is there for 1-2″ of rain (August was somewhat dry so this isn’t bad). Some of that rain may come in short time which could lead to localized street flooding, hence a Flash Flood Watch in effect for the region until early Thursday:

As for Thursday itself and oh say that kind, sorta big game at Gillette…..dry with temps near 70.