Tropical Vacation?

As I am returning from my summer vacation in Boise, ID, I come back to Boston to find that the entire area has transformed into a tropical paradise, sans the palm trees!  Seriously though, I half expected to see palm trees coming up in the North End with the heat and humidity hanging around.  Oddly, when I was at home in Idaho for vacation there was SNOW that fell in the mountains!  That is VERY rare for this time of year for it to get that cold there, even in the Intermountain NW.  Weather can be crazy!

We didn’t see any record high temps fall today, but it was still HOT.  In fact, it was the hottest day of the summer so far for many areas – Boston included, with a high of 96°.  With the heat and the humidity, just like any tropical vacation, you might expect to see some thunderstorms.  We had that this afternoon with some strong storms blooming along the South Coast of New England and moving into SE Mass, as well as grazing Provincetown with quite the light show!  If you were watching 7News earlier today (between 2:30-4:30pm) you might have caught the Severe Thunderstorm Warnings that were issued… Now as I type at 6pm, I do believe the worst is over.  We will still likely see some showers/storms popping up in NW Mass, and southern NH, but it doesn’t look likely for the cells to hold together long enough to make it into our area tonight.

Any relief from the heat and humidity in sight?  Well, not a lot… but maybe a little.  A touch of relief from the humidity tomorrrow (though, still HOT) – and a touch of relief from the heat on Sunday (though still muggy).  I guess we’re in the thick of it.  It is the middle of July, after all.  We heat things up again heading into next week, as Monday’s highs could shoot into the low to mid 90s again!

As far as the much-needed rain goes, we have a slight chance (20%) for a pop-up shower or storm tomorrow, but this looks to be isolated – not widespread.  That means, most of us (maybe all of us) won’t see any rain.  It looks as though we’ll have to wait until late Monday into Tuesday for more showers and storms in the forecast.  We’ll cross our fingers for beneficial rainfall – but nothing severe.  This time of year, it can be a bit of a trade-off, I guess you could say.

Happy Friday!!  Enjoy your weekend! – Breezy