Turning Up The Heat

While much of the summer has featured warm weather, but not exceptionally hot weather, we will turn up the heat this week. Not only does the heat go up, the humidity goes up as well, something we haven’t had to deal with that often.

Let’s start with today… highs this afternoon head toward 90 degrees, likely hitting that number in Boston for only the 3rd time this year. Dewpoints also go up into the mid 60s, allowing for a muggier feel to the air as well. While we increase the heat and humidity today, we don’t increase the storm threat, so if your day off takes you to the beach or golf course, it’s two thumbs up for that.

The storm threat today isn’t there, but as humidity, moisture and a little bit of instability increases overnight, a few scattered showers may get going by near daybreak tomorrow.  It’s likely that we’ll have more clouds Thursday and occasionally a passing shower or storm. The timing of the showers/storms tend to favor the morning/noon, then again late afternoon/evening.  With that said, not all towns will get hit, and even in towns that see some rain, there will be many hours of dry weather.  It’s a soupy air mass for sure with temps in the mid 80s and dewpoints in the low 70s! We’ll watch for a few afternoon storms to get fiesty (locally strong/severe) across western Mass tomorrow, but the risk of severe weather is lower for central Mass, and much lower for eastern Mass. Storms tend to lose there coverage area and strength the farther east they go.

Friday, the heat is on!  Low to mid 90s.  The storm risk Friday-Weekend appears rather low.  It’s not zero, but running a 10% chance for an afternoon storm is low enough to keep the bolt off the 7day. While it’ll continue to be warm over the weekend, the humidity won’t be as high.

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