Unsettled Next Couple of Days, Dry Friday

7Weather- Wednesday is gloomy with patchy drizzle, and then steady rain moves in Wednesday night. After that, Friday and the weekend are dry.


Take the rain jacket! It won’t be pouring rain, but there will be on and off drizzle throughout the day. Temperatures start in the in the mid and upper 30s, and then highs range from 42-54º. Northern Worcester County, southern New Hampshire and the coast will have temperatures in the low and mid 40s. Towns south of the Pike get into the upper 40s to low 50s.


Light rain starts around 1 AM Thursday as a warm front lifts through the area. After 3 AM, steady, heavier rain develops and sticks around for a couple of hours. There will will be light rain during the morning commute Thursday. The rain stops late morning, and then skies gradually clear. Behind this, cooler air moves in and it gets windy.

Temperatures are near 50º around lunch time, but they drop into the mid 30s by the evening.